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Personal update and traveling the Pennsylvania Turnpike

Hi friends! My name is Oracle Jessi (she/her), and I offer my channel for radical healing and inclusion to new humans, lightworkers, healers, readers, and new earth energy leaders. I specialize in doing tarot and oracle readings and spiritual empowerment coaching.

This video is a personal update video talking briefly about where we are and previews future travel plans.

These personal update videos will be time-delayed for various reasons. If you’d like to stay up-to-date with me real-time, please check out my Facebook and Instagram pages @oraclejessi

I am going to co-create a radical haven and healing center for our New Human family. Some attributes and services include:
Red Tent
Men’s Healing Space
LGBTQ+ Center
Birthing Center
Intentional Living Community
Sustainable “Earth Ship” Off-Grid housing
Workshop spaces
Conference center
All-Inclusive and Intersectional
Diversity is Celebrated and Intentionally Created

Check out the original video I made on this topic here:

Thank you for your interest in this space and your support along the journey. I’m delighted to continue to share this Path on our road to success.

I’ll be posting periodic updates about our progress, so be sure to check back to keep an eye out for updates.

I’ll also share how you can help in each video update. At this point, I’m interested in help by:
–hearing personal stories about intentional living communities, hostels, farming, sustainable living, or anything else I mentioned.
–hearing ideas on how to radically include all peoples and host radical healing spaces for all types of New Humans (read: people commited to compassion and love in all things).
–tips on how and where to find land. I have a few ideas, and could use more voices at this time. Please continue to check for updates.
–if you, personally, would be interested in such a space I’m visioning and on what level you’d be interested.

Thank you, again, for your interest in this community.

Sending you so much love!


There’s a great energy shift going on with the whole planet, and I am someone who is able to explain some of what’s going on in a more digestible way for beginners to understand. It is my goal to cover basic topics concerning lightworkers, healers, readers, shamans, and the overall energy shift. The new energy is sometimes called the new earth energy, or the new template. Humans helping the earth with this transformation are sometimes called new humans.

Please share any questions you may have so I can get some topic videos going! Thanks bunches and love y’all so much!

I’m so glad you’re here. Thank you for being you.

If you want to book a private reading with me, I have several options available. To explore which is right for you, send me an email at

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road trip to Pennsylvania :)) | travel vlog day 1

Hey:)) welcome or welcome back

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hope yall liked this video come back for the rest of the videos from the vaca:)
The other day i was posting a video and then the video was done so i went to check the video and it said i was copyrighted lol. then i was mad hehe lol byee
i think i need more sleep, oK byee

ilysm, P.S Alivia 🙂

Toronto to Hershey, Pennsylvania 🚗 ROAD TRIP!

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On this trip I head to Pennsylvania to start a two day video shoot. On day one I’ll start in the city of Hershey at a Love’s Travel Centre then drive to Hershey’s World of Chocolate. After that I’ll drive to Denver, Pennsylvania to a Turkey Hill gas station and last but not least a Wawa Gas Station. But first I have to travel there, so sit back and enjoy this trip from Toronto to Hershey.
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POCONOS AIRBNB TOUR! | Pennsylvania Vacation Travel Vlog (Day 1)

Hey guys! I went on a 5 day vacation to the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania with my best friends and their family! This is going to be the 1st day of our vacation and I give you guys a tour of our Airbnb in Albrightsville that we stayed at! I hope you all enjoy it!

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