5 Best Places to Visit in Pennsylvania

5 Best Places to Visit in Pennsylvania (PA)

1 Philadelphia
2 Pittsburgh
3 Lancaster
4 Harrisburg
5 Gettysburg

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13 thoughts on “5 Best Places to Visit in Pennsylvania

  1. Visiting PA October 8-12, 2018. Looking forward to visiting several of these areas.

  2. i live in pa and have been to all of these places, this is a poor vidio! lancaster and gettysburg are ok the rest are shitholes in live 40 mi east of pbg stay away from here and go to erie pa!!!!

  3. Wrong, Philadelphia is not #1 because of all the crime and just look how there fans acted when the eagles won the super bowl, I’m embarrassed to be in the same state as those people

  4. Lived in pa most of my life till 5 months ago then came to San Carlos Az. You wanna see cool come to Az it’s amazing out here

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