Come with us to Pennsylvania (Peter’s family’s roots)

This video shows how Peter and I travel down to Pennsylvania and visit the area that Peter’s family settled in Damascus! We stop in Narrowsburg and walk through several cemeteries to find Grave’s of those settlers!

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Sincerely Lynette and Peter

13 thoughts on “Come with us to Pennsylvania (Peter’s family’s roots)

    • James O Brien thank you James, you’ll have to take us around Ireland sometime! Thanks for viewing, Lynette and Peter

  1. Great video! I love learning about family history! Interesting hearing about Peters roots. My moms side of the family came from Sweden & my dads side came from Belgium. I loved the scenery in the video, thanks for sharing it! So good hear that story about when u & Peter got married. So many couples live together now before they get married & don’t think twice about it. Thankfully we were raised with good Christian values. Anyways I loved the video & I hope all is well with the both of you! Take & talk later, Paul

    • Organic Dairyman Thank you Paul and we agree; it was actually your video that inspired me to want to share our history( we loved hearing about your family and how the farm you rent is now back in your family to farm) ! I think YouTube is such a great platform to remind us all how important those roots have been in bringing our story to today! My family is mostly German with a few French and English filanderer’s lol My Dads side was a notable southern family and my Moms side were artists and cabinet makers!

      Things are so different today with values and how people approach marriage! Everyone gets in a hurry lol!

      We are enjoying watching how you combine your oats( your doing a great job) we are still waiting for our inspection( should be soon)

      We will talk soon, Have a great day, Lynette

    • MrVailtown Thank you and Thank you also for watching! We hope you have a great day today! Lynette and Peter

    • Thanks for riding along! I hope the glare wasn’t too much! Have a great evening, Lynette and Peter

    • Robert Lamb Thanks for riding along and we hope you didnt mind all the glare! It was a beautiful evening! Have a great night! Lynette and Peter

  2. Nice video! You should have stopped by, I am only about 30 minutes from Damascus!! lol

    • DeHaven Family Farm we totally should have! We will the next time for sure!

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