Dorney Park 2018 VLOG [Pennsylvania Trip Day 5]

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10 thoughts on “Dorney Park 2018 VLOG [Pennsylvania Trip Day 5]

  1. I personally thing this park is under rated. When I was here in september of 2018 I spent one here then drove to six flags great adventure the next day. Demon Drop gave me a headache, Talon is a very under rated b&m invert. Steel Force I thought was great, Hydra is over rated, and possessed was great as well. The only thing I don’t like about this park is the operations suck.

  2. I was disappointed that I didn’t end up going here last month til I saw this video. That bad huh? How does Hydra compare to other Floorless Coasters?

  3. I rode with my friends on demon drop and every time my friend pushed his restraints up, mine would push down harder. (He did it on the drop) (I couldn’t feel my legs afterwards)

  4. The holding break is broken because the ride broke down so much (the dipping dots guy told me)

  5. I like Dorney because it’s close to me, but it’s definitely not the best Cedar Fair Park. They really need an RMC Raptor or GCI! In addition, they need to retract Thunder hawk because it’s currently my least favorite operating coaster.

    • Dorney is my home park too and I agree with you on most of it. They shouldn’t remove Thunderhawk though. They just got it refurbished.

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