Road trip to Penn State! // Moving across the country | Olivia’s Grad Life

ROAD TRIP TO PENN STATE! MOVING ACROSS THE COUNTRY // Driving from California to Pennsylvania to start graduate school at Penn State! Watch to see the sights of America off of I-80 East. Please Subscribe to follow along on my graduate school journey!

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29 thoughts on “Road trip to Penn State! // Moving across the country | Olivia’s Grad Life

  1. Found your channel initially from your DCP videos, so crazy that now we’re both going to the same university! What a small world! Hope you have so much fun at main campus!!!

    • Olivia’s Grad Life Yes, definitely!! It’s such a big deal at the school, it would be a lot of fun.

    • That’s so nice! I commuted for my undergrad and it was so convenient. Yeah for sure! I need to get out to a football game too lol XD

    • Olivia’s Grad Life I’m at Penn State York! It’s close enough for me to be able to commute to school. Hopefully I can get out to Main Campus for a football game tho!

  2. My husband and I had someone walk in to our room while we were watching tv one time, bags and all! Lol!

  3. Hey good luck and have fun at Penn State! It’s a great school and many Californians love it there.

  4. Fun video Olivia, it was great seeing your journey across the country! Hope your grad studies are going well so far? Are you planning to do any ‘psych 101’ style videos sharing interesting things/theories etc. you’ve learnt? I loved those! x

  5. There is so much salt in the great salt lake because there is no direct outlets to the ocean.

  6. OMG I watched a bunch of your Disney videos a few weeks ago when I was getting hyped for my Disney trip so this came up on my home page. I’m actually a senior in communications at Penn State! Im so excited for you bc this is the best school on earth!! 😄 WE ARE! 💙

    • Olivia’s Grad Life for sure! if i see you, i’ll be the blonde girl you’ve never seen before saying hi!

  7. Great video I just started watching your other videos on your 1st channel about a month ago and now I just had to follow this channel. Great stuff, glad that you are pursing a career that you love. I just graduated in April from Grand Canyon University and I am looking at masters programs. Keep up the great work.

    • Olivia’s Grad Life it was such a great school to go to, I loved every second of it. What are your friends names, I wonder if I know them?

    • Thanks so much for watching! GCU no way! I have several friends who go there! Lopes up!

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