F1 Visa Interview Tips for USA | Tips to crack US Student F1 Visa Interview | US Visa Interview Tips

F1 Visa Interview Tips for USA | Tips to crack US Student F1 Visa Interview | US Visa Interview Tips explains all the details what you need to do in the interview for USA visa.
First of all prepare all the questions for F1 Visa which are available on internet and practice with your parents or friends or by yourself.
In F1 Visa interview keep the eye contact with Vice officer
Confidence plays a big role to get your F1 Visa approved
Dress properly for F1 Visa interview
Have smile on your face during the F1 Visa interview
Keep the answers short in F1 Visa Interview

F1 Visa Interview Tips
How to crack F1 Visa interview
How to crack USA Visa Interview

USA F1 Student Visa Interview | Tips To Pass | Advice For Prospective Students

Hello Everyone,
This is the part 2 of the video where My Ghanaian Friends (Richard and Judith) shared their Visa Interview Experiences which took place in Accra, Ghana and Canada plus TIPS that helped them most to pass their interview and ADVICE for other prospective students.

They are currently PhD students of My University. Please be nice to them by clicking the like button and writing them a good comment in the comment section.

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Click here to watch it : https://youtu.be/pOy8AEY-T5M

Click on this link to Watch My Visa Interview Experience: https://youtu.be/OZfHebUbkDk

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Everything you need to know about F1 USA Visa (Part 1) | List of Documents for F1 VISA | MS in USA

I cover all the documents you will need for F1 USA visa.F1 Visa is a huge topic to cover so I will break this into multiple video series. I started with the first part everything you need for preparing F1 Visa Interview.

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