Otter Creek Campground – Pennsylvania – Part 1 of 5

In this series of videos we travel to Pennsylvania to Otter Creek Campground where my family has RV campers, todo some spring cleaning , A Appalachian trail Pack shakedown, 2 nights in a 1man kamprite cot tent and thunderstorms where we survive in cotton under tarps and forced to build a makeshift porch to stay out of the mud. A training hike on the Mason Dixon Trail. And a few other random things with a special guest appearance and MRE reviews with a good friend and fellow Youtuber! Stay tuned and hope to see you again in the next one! Love you all!

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Pennsylvania Vlog! In this video we visit Pennsylvania and Maryland, hope you guys enjoy the content and leave your feedback and comments down below!

EDGAR ALLAN POES GRAVE and THE ROCKY STEPS will be on display in this video!

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