LONG WAY FROM HOME – Philadelphia Pennsylvania Spirit Box Session – WAGNER ITC PARANORMAL

Diana had to go to a conference in Philadelphia. She brought her spirit box just in case she had some down time. She did and had a great session. Blessings to all. Bob 😎🌞😎🌞😎🌞
#paranormal #travel #philadelphia #pennsylvania

Chocolate Adventures! A Day At Hershey ,PA | Travel Vlog

Hey everyone!
I wanted to show you guys one of the most Famous stops me and #Daddy O stop on our way to our new home! In Hershey , #Pennsylvania you can actually go in to one of their factory’s where they make there infamous chocolate, So on 101 Chocolate way they made a whole park out of it and we decided to check it out on our Five day excursion on the road!
Check it out now as we take a bite out of life!

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Backpack by Supreme
Shoes by Forever 21
Glasses by FrancoSorto