Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Travel Vlog Day 2 – Submarine Tour! USS Requin SS 481 Ohio River

Pittsburgh has a TON of surprises in store! For example… the USS Requin submarine, now docked in the Ohio river. It’s a uniquely immersive experience!

Join me as I board this mechanical marvel… learn how 80 men used their expertise, humor and sheer ingenuity to carve out a rough and adventurous life during USS Requin’s lengthy defense and scientific missions, some of which are still classified to this day! State-of-the-art and battle ready when she set out just days before the end of World War II, Requin holds the distinction of being the Navy’s first Radar Picket submarine.

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Pennsylvania Trip East to West In Honda Element, My Senior Friends ……And R2 D2(2018)!

Gettysburg is a borough and the county seat of Adams County in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. The Battle of Gettysburg (1863) and President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address are named for this town. The town hosts visitors to the Gettysburg National Battlefield in the Gettysburg National Military Park. As of the 2010 census, the borough had a population of 7,620 people

Between July 1 and 3 1863, the Battle of Gettysburg, one of the largest battles during the American Civil War, was fought across the fields and heights in the vicinity of the town.

The Confederate Army of Northern Virginia, under the command of Robert E. Lee, experienced success in the early stages of the battle but was ultimately defeated by the Army of the Potomac, commanded by George G. Meade. Lee executed an orderly withdrawal and managed to escape across the Potomac River without being drawn into another battle. Meade was heavily criticized by President Abraham Lincoln for his cautious pursuit and failure to destroy Lee’s retreating army.

Casualties were high with total losses on both sides over 27,000 Confederate and 23,000 Union. The residents of Gettysburg were left to care for the wounded and bury the dead following the Confederate retreat. Approximately 8,000 men and 3,000 horses lay under the summer sun. The soldiers’ bodies were gradually reinterred in what is today known as Gettysburg National Cemetery, where, on November 19, 1863, Abraham Lincoln attended a ceremony to officially consecrate the grounds and delivered his Gettysburg Address.

A 20-year-old woman, Jennie Wade, was the only civilian killed during the battle. She was hit by a stray bullet that passed through her kitchen door while she was making bread on July 3.[

Physical damage can still be seen in some of the houses throughout the town, notably the Schmucker House] located on Seminary Ridge.

Main article: Gettysburg furniture companies
The furniture manufacturing industry successfully occupied folk in Gettysburg for the first half of 1900s. The “Gettysburg Manufacturing Company”, formed in 1902, was the first company established in the borough for the purpose of manufacturing residential furniture. Other companies soon followed. The borough’s industry reached peak production and success about the 1920s. However, the important industry declined from 1951, when the three main companies either moved, closed or were sold. The Gettysburg Furniture Company factory closed in 1960, becoming a warehouse and distribution point for other furniture factories outside Pennsylvania.

Gettysburg manufacturing associated with tourism included a late 19th-century foundry that created gun carriages, bridgeworks and cannons for the Gettysburg Battlefield, as well as a construction industry for hotels, stables, and other buildings for tourist services. Early tourist buildings in the borough included museums (like the 1881 Danner Museum[), souvenir shops, buildings of the electric trolley (preceded by a horse trolley from the Gettysburg Railroad Station to the Springs Hotel), and stands for hackmen who drove visitors in jitneys (horse-drawn group taxis) on tours. Modern tourist services in the borough include ghost tours, bed and breakfast lodging, and historical interpretation (reenactors, etc.).

Pittsburgh Trip #3/Pennsylvania Kiwanis District Convention August 2018 Picture/Video Slideshow

A picture/video slideshow of my adventure at Pittsburgh Area. Quick visit to Oakland, University of Pittsburgh Area (Cathedral of Learning Tower), Downtown Pittsburgh and more. Then I was at Pennsylvania District Kiwanis Convention at Doubletree Green Tree Hotel for the convention. Filled with workshop events, and more. We as Kiwanis proud to serving for children and communities of the world.

Also Eugene “The Great”, won the 2017-2018 Kiwanis Hero in Service Award for my outstanding service to Kiwanis, Humanity and Service. Proud of my frequent travel and volunteering to many communities around the world in making a difference. Thanks everyone

If you love volunteering for your community and wanted to joined this great organization near you please visit:

Pennsylvania District Kiwanis’s website for clubs around Pennsylvania State

For other clubs in other areas and to learn more about our organization, visit Kiwanis International website

Music Used:

Keep Dreaming: By Topher Mohr and Alex Elena
Soaring High
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TRAVEL VLOG: Oil City Pennsylvania

We’re heading up to Niagara falls but first a quick stop in Oil City Pennsylvania to visit family.

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Declan Vlog 117 | August 4, 2018


Welcome to The Declan Vlog! This is the story of one young family’s adventure as they navigate the seemingly ordinary events of daily life. With a new baby on the way, a cross-country job search, and the spontaneous events of raising a toddler, this year long project captures the magic and adventure of life and reminds us that the time we spend with those we love is all that matters.

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