Top Places to Explore in Philadelphia Pennsylvania | Visit Philly Travel Guide Series Part Three

Explore the streets of Philadelphia through South Street, Boathouse Row and the Philadelphia Museum of Art where the Rocky Statue Presides. Dine at a former national bank and see Phily from atop! At night, take a cruise down the Delaware River and gaze at the neon lights the hang from the branches of Spruce Street Harbor Park. Finally, we play ball at Citizen’s Bank Ballpark home of the Philadelphia Phillies and chow down on some of Philadelphia’s famous Philly Cheesesteak establishments!

__Places Visited__
Kimpton Hotel Monaco:
Spruce Street Harbor Park:
Sonny’s Cheesesteaks:
Hilton Philadelphia at Penn’s Landing:
Patriot Harbor Lines City Lights Cruise:
Old City Coffee:
Philly PHLASH Bus:
Boathouse Row:
Philadelphia Museum of Art:
National Mechanics:
One Liberty Observation Deck:
Philadelphia Magic Gardens:
Philadelphia Phillies:
Tony Luke’s Cheesesteaks:

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A Special Thanks goes out to Visit Philly for inviting me on this trip! All thoughts, comments and reviews are of Jaycation!

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16 thoughts on “Top Places to Explore in Philadelphia Pennsylvania | Visit Philly Travel Guide Series Part Three

  1. thanks for this great video…am looking forward to visiting this famous city! Love Philly❤💯🔥

  2. Go to the Schuylkill river path it is really nice.
    Edit: go to sister cities park if u have kids it is a lot of fun

  3. The look on people’s faces when he ran up the steps and did the scene from Rocky…🤣🤣😆

  4. Summer at Spruce Street Park, I am a New York’r, that place has NOTHING like it, have to say it,Philly is so much a more fun place to visit and live. Oldest son lives there 5 street and Christian, Christmas is just as much fun and the City is planning to make it larger. Jim’s with WIZ is the best.

    • Philly really is such a vibrant city. I would love to see the city during Christmas someday! Jim’s with WIZ sounds like something out of heaven! haha

    • I’m going to have to visit Jim’s on my next visit! I’ve heard from more than one person that its the best!

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