Toronto to Hershey, Pennsylvania 🚗 ROAD TRIP!

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On this trip I head to Pennsylvania to start a two day video shoot. On day one I’ll start in the city of Hershey at a Love’s Travel Centre then drive to Hershey’s World of Chocolate. After that I’ll drive to Denver, Pennsylvania to a Turkey Hill gas station and last but not least a Wawa Gas Station. But first I have to travel there, so sit back and enjoy this trip from Toronto to Hershey.
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11 thoughts on “Toronto to Hershey, Pennsylvania 🚗 ROAD TRIP!

  1. Have a safe trip Im HAPPY to ree you again alot of work last weeks, now Chilling from youre video’s love to ree you again greetings from Holland Brielle

  2. maybe its because I do a lot of road trips and I drive for work but for me it doesn’t feel like a long day drive. Then again I am used to driving 12 hours on road trips.

  3. Pilot and Flying J are the same company, both awesome. There are Flying J locations in Canada

  4. Stop at a loves gas station a good nature break place instead of jolt cola grab monster energy white can or the green apple one sugar free or the Mountain Dew kick starts are great if their out.

  5. A Manchu wok cool! The en route stores are really neat and cool I’ll have to look around and see if I can find jolt it’s been a long time since I’ve had it

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