WORLDS STEEPEST STREET! Day Trip to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Day Trip to Pittsburgh! Worlds steepest street, magneto mural, Randyland, Point Park and more!

24 thoughts on “WORLDS STEEPEST STREET! Day Trip to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

  1. We were just in Pittsburgh last month. We did Randy Land too. BTW, there are better ways to get to the fountain than go under the freeway. You can park just up from the park. We’re new to the channel (212). We have a couple of Pitt videos too. Check them out!

    • Adventure Everywhere I discovered that after there was another way. Lol but going under the freeways and through the tunnel was cool
      Thanks. Just subbed your channel!

  2. cool streetart . and a pretty steep street. But it`s “just” the steepest street in US. Here in New Zealand is the steepest Street worldwide 🙂 called Baldwin St in Dunedin 🙂 cheers

  3. Thanks for sharing that site! The “rape tunnel” killed me!!!! Great video. I found you on Cheers to Travelers and just subbed to your page. Looking forward to watching more videos. c/t ~ Jim

  4. Man that stadium looks beautiful sitting on the water like that. I have always wanted to visit that stadium before great footage

    • The Journey Don’t know if I’ll ever be able to see a football game at a stadium. Lol. I’ll keep viewing them from outside 🙂

  5. Geez, that’s crazy, 37°. I really, really like that mural at the beginning – so random and so much time used to create I bet haha -c/t

  6. Hi @EricKirkland , new friend here. We got your name from facebook’s group. Here we are dropping you to give our big support #215. Stay connected my friend. Greeting from Belgium.

    • Eric Explores thanks subbing your channel now. I’d like to get up to Canada next summer

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